Kia Kaha

One of the good things about keeping a blog page is that people post nice messages back.

Last week I got a message from Kris in New Zealand (Sally’s sister Sue lives down there) and he told me about a Maori phrase people use ‘Kia Kaha’.

Over the weekend he sent me a translation ‘Stand tall, stand proud, keep your head up, be strong but can also be meant to imply that “we stand together” – good isn’t it?

Also over the weekend, we went out for a pizza with an SDR family from Ohio – their son had surgery the day after Rhys. One minor upside of Cerebral Palsy (or other disabilities) is that when you meet other families there’s a strong sense of solidarity that’s almost immediate. A willingness to be open and share things that you probably wouldn’t with others that you’d just met. ‘Kia Kaha’ I guess.

We also made good on the promise we made to Rhys before his surgery. That is, that we’d go back to the ‘Build A Bear’ shop (apparently the original one) so that he could get himself a bear now christened Biff.

As the lady was stuffing Rhys’ bear we mentioned that Rhys had been an inpatient at the children’s hospital. It turned out the lady’s mum and best friend were nurses there and had looked after Rhys. It made her day. I like it when little coincidences like that happen.

We couldn’t get to see the Katy Perry film over the weekend as it wasn’t on at the theatres near us so Rhys had to settle for seeing ‘Brave’.

However, we’ll be back in physio at 3pm tomorrow with an iPod fully loaded with her tunes to see us through.

Kia Kaha.

4 thoughts on “Kia Kaha

  1. Kia Kaha – very apt!!

    Glad you all seem to have had a relatively chilled weekend!

    Onwards and upwards Rhys – stand proud and stand tall you amazing young man!!


  2. Gareth your beautiful writing in these blogs have made me laugh and cry in equal measure! Good luck to you all with the rest of your stay. Lou x

  3. Donna and I are so proud of Rhys and look forward to reading the blog each day. But more importantly I’m very proud that Rhys has named his new bear after me!!!!!

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