Using The Force

I’ve already written on here about how lovely the roof garden at the hospital is. There was a storm last night and the weather has cooled to a chilly 86. It’s now possible to spend time on the roof without thinking you might evaporate, so we headed up there after Rhys’ physio session today.

Last night as I was writing a page on here I was thinking about how much needed to happen in the coming couple of weeks. We’d hoped that Rhys would be back to walking independently by the time we got back to London. Over the weekend I’d managed to get him to stand on his own for just a second or two but that was it. Him walking back through arrivals was out of reach. Then tonight on the roof this happened.

Can you believe it? Ridiculous isn’t it? How can so much have changed in such a very short space of time? I think he’s becoming pain free now but more importantly he’s got a bit of confidence back in his ability. He’s still some way off the mobility he had when we turned up but it doesn’t seem nearly as far off as it did last night.

I’d had a feeling he was on good form this morning as I’d got him to stand for 10 – 15 seconds on his own. Then when my back was turned he took a step or two. I grabbed the camera and he had another go – you can see though that it’s not nearly as controlled as the clip on the roof.

At his physio session this afternoon he gave a pretty good account of himself and again took a few steps but the confidence wasn’t really there.

I was ready to settle for that though as progress for the day – but then he went and surprised us on the roof.

The mantra when you’re in these blocks of physio is to try and turn every situation into a chance to make progress. Need a drink? Let’s walk to the fridge. Want a biscuit? Let’s walk to the cupboard. He’s only covered a couple of metres on his own in a safe place (there’s a big difference between that and walking in the street) but it feels like we have momentum.

We’re going to head out for the day after tomorrow’s session to try and motivate Rhys to keep moving. I’ve got a feeling if he’s not thinking about walking he’ll do quite nicely at it.

10 thoughts on “Using The Force

  1. That’s really good news Gareth and Sally and I can hear from the tone of your post that you are starting to feel more positive. What a lovely garden. Enjoy your day out…..

  2. Really great to see how well Rhys is coming on with his walking and in such a short period of time!!! Amazing that he isn’t really getting any associated reactions in his arms now when he is walking. Once he starts getting stronger there will be no stopping him. Good luck with the rest of your stay and fingers crossed he will get to walk onto the plane!

  3. Sitting here, after watching the video and reading your blog, choking back tears!!
    I am soooooooooooo happy Rhys is ‘finding his own’ now – it IS there but, obviously, just needs encouragement and self-belief (which you are giving in abundance)!!
    Well done for believing in your son’s ability and yourselves as his parents – you should all be so very, very proud!!

  4. Hi Gareth and Sally have been following your heartfelt blogs and have been thinking of you all constantly . I haven’t as yet left a reply but just had to today through tears of joy, Rhys is a wonder and has come so far with the total love and support of such a wonderful family. The only way is up .Lots of love x

  5. Brilliant video – can’t believe how well Rhys is getting on -and he’s back to his old cheerful self!
    Alison has been away for a week and looked at all your blogs in one go! She was absolutely amazed at the progress and how much can be done with key-hole surgery. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

  6. OMG, “up on the roof”, what promising progress. I’ve just been choking back the tears, whilst at work (not a pretty site).

    G, the Force is certainly with you guys. Rhys and co., keep up the wonderful work.

    BIG LOVE to you all, from the Heffers. X

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