Welcome to the Mid West

We headed out on Saturday morning to find some nappies for Owen and the first person we found at a cafe told us the nearest pharmacy was a 20 minute walk away. As I headed off up the road the lady called me back. ‘You know what, I’ll drive you up there’.

By the time we had a we’d got back Liz had offered to drop us all at the zoo where we were heading for the day. After a few wrong turns we stopped to ask a police lady the way. Instead of giving us directions she gave us an escort all the way to the zoo. And that pretty much sums up how friendly everyone over here is.

Getting here a few days before Rhys surgery has given us a chance to have some fun. The zoo is ace though Rhys and Owen were as impressed by the ‘mister’ machine as they were by the penguins.

Having said that the misters are good. It is bloody hot here at the moment. The boys can’t walk past a fountain without jumping in it.

We had Rhys’ pre op assessment yesterday which went well. Rhys gave a good account of him self in the physio evaluation – he’s arrived here in pretty good nick.

Dr Park, the surgeon, repeated his predictions of a good outcome for Rhys. His spasticty will be drastically reduced, possibly even eliminated (quite remarkable). From that his sitting, standing and transitions will improve and his ‘in toeing’ could also be eliminated (again, quite remarkable) and he thinks he’ll be able to play football. Given the state of the national team he thinks he’ll probably captain the side as well (I’ve exaggerated that last bit a touch).

However to get those gains there’s a tricky bit to navigate. The surgery is quite a big intervention (the details are on this site) and immediately post op Rhys will have an epidural and catheter for a couple of days. He’s likely to have muscle spasms in the first few days which will need medicating as well. In all he’ll be an in patient for 5 days and they’re not going to be much fun.

I guess the only thing to do is keep our eyes on the prize and trust in the team around Rhys.

But all that doesn’t start til Thursday – which means we’ve got another day to enjoy ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mid West

  1. Hi guys , great to hear all is well and positive, my thoughts are with you all for the forthcoming op, say hi to Rhys from me and good to see him with our firefighting brothers in American, all my love John stylianou x

  2. Alex misses Rhys very much and sends her love. We have been reading together the post and were please to read all the positive comments from the doctor. Best wishes

  3. Fantastic to read!

    Good luck tomorrow (although I am sure Rhys will be fine!) and thank you for updating!


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