A few months ago I read a quote that lodged in my head ‘Where there is doubt, there is no doubt.’

That’s not to mean that you just cast doubts recklessly aside or, alternatively, that the doubts paralyse you. More that the doubt becomes the motivation to check, think through and analyse a difficult decision. It’s the engine to keep exploring options until all the doubts are resolved – and then you act.

There’s been plenty of that going on for the last few months for us. That is, drawing on opinions from lots of different professionals, other SDR families and children to arrive at the point we’re at now. Rhys’ surgery is scheduled for 10:30am on Thursday morning (4:30pm in the UK) and whilst we’re a bit anxious about the surgery it feels like we’re doing the right thing.

I was watching Rhys as he made his way around the water park we found today.

It seems almost implausible that, post op, his feet won’t turn in anymore.

We’ve spent a good couple of years with Rhys wearing straps on his legs every day to try and rotate his feet back out. Not having to do that is very hard to imagine.

So often his legs scissor (cross) as he tries to stand still which makes him fall a lot. They’ve done that since he was born. That also being reduced is hard to wrap my head round.

It would be just fantastic if the predicted outcomes are achieved from surgery. In these situations I think it’s my nature now to keep my expectations low, whilst striving for the best.

Here’s to a good outcome for Rhys tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Am up early feeding the baby – just read your blog and realised you’ve probably just gone to bed in an anxious ‘night before’ state. It sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing. You’ve gone that extra mile ( in your case literally!) for your precious little boy. Sending lots of love and luck. Katie ( and the ravenous early riser Elijah ) x

  2. Were all thinking of you guys today.
    Hope today goes well and look forward to seeing you when you get back.
    Love Simon, Karen and Hector xx

  3. Today marks the day when Rhys’ life (and your lives) will change – FOREVER!
    I will be thinking of you ALL today and totally believe that you have made the right decision for your son – he will thank you in time for that (maybe not orally, but certainly in all he will be able to achieve because YOU (your family) wanted more for him)!
    Take care … will await updates with bated breath!

  4. Just to let you know we’re thinking of you all today. You’ve created a great opportunity for Rhys and you should be proud. Here’s wishing you all the best. Barry & Martha

  5. Just reading this now and realising that Rhys is probably in surgery right now …. can only imagine how nervous you must be feeling right now (both of you) but have every respect for the efforts you have gone to to ensure Rhys has every opportunity to lead a fun and active life. Best of luck today …. The Doyles are all thinking of you xxxx

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