The Que In The Lou

Had I known that St Louis had a barbeque society before we’d left the UK I’d probably have applied for membership.

If I’d known that they were holding a championship whilst I was here I might have entered.

And had I realised it was being held in the car park behind our apartment – well I guess that’s what some people call fate.

But then fate can work in mysterious ways. Had I been stood there with my tongs when Ed turned up with his barbeque ‘The Punisher’ then I would probably have felt inadeqate.

And then when the team from Tom’s bar starting cooking ribs with their BBQ I would have had to have conceded I was out of my depth.

It was good to be out though and break the routine of visiting the hospital. Rhys had said to me last week ‘can we come back here on holiday?’. And I knew what he meant – the last few weeks haven’t been much fun. Indeed the last 5 sessions saw us taping and strapping his legs in various directions before marching up and down flights of stairs to see what worked.

That all served as a cue though to deliver on the promise to take him to see the Katy Perry film. We also went back to the splash park that we found a few weeks ago. Returning to the Aquaport was something I’d hoped we’d be able to do but just a fortnight ago, with Rhys still very weak, it had seemed out of reach – but there we were.

He’s also made some nice progress in the physio sessions. Though it may seem insignificant he was on the climbing wall in the gym (with support) and was reaching for footholds way further than I’ve ever seen with his legs. He also spent 3 minutes side stepping (on each side) on the treadmill. It doesn’t read as being impressive but that’s where the progress is made.

So it was nice to end the weekend by stumbling into the BBQ championships. Rhys was certainly impressed by the band playing there – and this video clip serves as a demostration of how close he is to being himself.

And if you’re wondering, the cook off in The BBQ Championship Finals are being held in October.

7 thoughts on “The Que In The Lou

  1. He likes the camera and the camera LOVES him – I cannot believe the journey you’ve all been on and to see this outcome is just bloody marvellous! xxxxxx

  2. What is this – start of the X Factor or Britains Got Talent. Just dance to music that isn’t Country
    and Western or Folk! Nain

  3. Lovely to see Rhys looking so happy – he’s brought a smile to MY face!
    Glad you’ve had a break from the hospital … and it was right on your doorstep too!
    Go Rhys … Katy Perry is watching!! lol

  4. Alas I didn’t have any sound with my work computer, but, what a natural performer.
    Keep up the great work

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