Kansas City


The nurses tell me Kansas City is a 3 hour drive up the road – the setting for one of Rhys’ favourite films, ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ that he’s watching in bed.

The original version of the film starts in black and white and changes into colour. That’s kind of what Rhys has done during today.

Rhys drifted in and out of sleep through last night and threw up several more times. By the time Sally came back in at 9 this morning he was pretty pale. He was also in a bit of pain. He was desperate for the toilet and was finding the catheter uncomfortable. That’s kind of a good sign though as bladder disfunction is a known temporary side effect.

With Sal at the hospital I went out for a run in the park to clear my head. Propped up on caffeine, running in the 100 degree heat after a few hours sleep probably wasn’t smart and I didn’t last long.

When I got back to the hospital Rhys was still uncomfortable but had managed to keep some apple juice down. Our first few physio sessions had also been scheduled. Post op day 1 is today and on day 3 (Sunday) we’ll be able to get Rhys out of bed. Until then it’s continuous bed rest and the flatter he is the better so that the wound can heal.

Imagine a sticking plaster about the size of your fore finger. That’s how big the plaster is on Rhys’ back. Not the wound – the plaster. There’s no bruising or anything. It almost looks like nothing has been done.

Briefly at about 5pm Dr Park popped in to say hello. He remarked how much colour Rhys had in his face. And then you realise that although he’s a very long way from being himself Rhys is looking quite a bit better than he was this morning.