Up On The Roof

The week that we’ve been here has ticked past very quickly. The time spent in the hospital is blurred together in your memory as one long day and it’s hard to keep track of what happened when. We’re packing bags and heading to the airport today after a final physio session at the hospital at 10am. I’ll need to be quick typing this.

Rhys was reluctant to really do anything in physio yesterday and needed lots of coaxing to do anything. That’s a combination of being sore, fed up and having a new pair of splints to wear which aren’t all that comfortable. He took a few independent steps though which was encouraging.

Once again though being on the roof garden at the hospital changed things and he wanted to be up on his feet. Here’s a quick video clip.

Though he’s dosed up on lots of pain killers it’s good to see him back on his feet before we travel back. Given that his splints are uncomfortable (he needs to wear them for 6-8 weeks to protect the surgery site) he’s in a reasonably good mood. We managed to make it to the cinema yesterday to see Hotel Transylvania as a bit of a treat as well.

So even though we’ve had a week here it still feels like we’ve been in a bit of a rush. Though it’s been a bit tiring and stressy at times it does feel like things have more or less worked out for us.

6 thoughts on “Up On The Roof

  1. Oh bless him (and YOU too)!! A week in the US is mad – your body clocks (for US time) must just start adjusting then it’s time to come home (UK) again!!
    Safe trip and really hope Rhys achieves all that he can – sure he will though!!

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