On Sunday we were out in the town and came across ‘The Taste of St Louis’. It wasn’t the hoped for BBQ championship but another street festival. Fredbird the St Louis Cardinals mascot was there.

We also stumbled into the kids disco corner which suddenly came to life with 30 or more people in a line doing ‘The Wobble’. Now, I could be the only person from London who’s not heard of it and I should have video’d it. Here’s someone else’s video clip from youtube of ‘The Wobble’.

I’d thought that learning it could form the basis of our physio sessions here this time but it’s probably going to be a bit much.

As in the summer Rhys is quite sore. He’s not in nearly as much pain as he was then but today he was very reluctant to put his feet on the ground. Bribed with Hershey bars  we got him to take some supported steps across the physio room – have a look here.

Blaire, his physio, thinks he should be back to taking some independent steps before the end of the week which would be great – but to me that seems a long way off at the moment.

And as for learning The Wobble, well, that might have to wait til we’re back in London.

3 thoughts on “Wobble

  1. Oh bless Rhys – he’s been through a fair bit these past few months so am not in the least surprised his slightly hesitant. I’m sure he will bounce back – as he has done previously!
    Yes, leave ‘The Wobble’ for when you’re home – who knows, it may even surpass Katy Perry!!
    Thanks again for the updates – love reading these!!

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