Time Zones

It’s about half ten at night here and we’re just starting to watch Ice Age on DVD. Having been here a few days we were almost in sync with St Louis time but I think we’ve blown that today.

Rhys was taking ages to come round in the recovery room after surgery. Just as your nerves were starting to jangle that something might be up you realise that Rhys was basically having a snooze – he slept for 4 hours straight after the op.

Rhys was in theatre for about an hour and Dr Dobbs is happy with how the procedure went. It’s much less invasive than SDR and he’s just got a small incision on each calf.

We’ve got a physio session at 1pm tomorrow before we’re discharged. We’ll find out then as he puts weight through his ankles just how sore he is. But right now, in himself, he’s pretty much OK.

The week that we’re here is ticking by pretty quickly and I doubt we’ll get back in sync with the clock here.

It’s probably just as well we have the other Ice Age movies to see us through.

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