The Return To St Louis

Over the last few years we’ve been able to go away for a few days at Easter. We’ve headed down with family to the seaside town, Mumbles, in South Wales. The beaches around the coastline there are fantastic.

Returning to the same place has often shown how Rhys has changed over the previous year. He used to use a toy buggy as a walking aid which he’d take on to the sand. On the next visit he was no longer using it.

As much as it’s exciting to go to new places, returning to somewhere familiar is somehow reassuring and I always look forward to going down there.

Rhys and I are back in St Louis and in the same way it feels familiar and reassuring to be here. We’ll be back in The Children’s Hospital on Tuesday so that he can have his heel cords lengthened. They use a less invasive technique here and he should be back to weight bearing through his feet (with painkillers) the day after the surgery.

We’d hoped it could be avoided but watching him walk, crouch & scooter over the last few weeks has confirmed that though his legs are no longer stiff, he just doesn’t have the range of movement in his ankle joints to allow him to move & walk in a natural way. It’s the result of having walked in a ‘tip toe’ pattern for several years.

Looking back at the calendar for this year I’ve realised this will be his third round of surgery in just 7 months. From his cochlear implant on the 2nd March…

…to his SDR in June…

…to tomorrows surgery on his heel cords.

We head to the hospital at 10:30 in the morning (4:30pm UK time) hoping, once again, for a good outcome and a speedy recovery. And then who knows how able he’ll be next time we’re down on the beach in Mumbles.

13 thoughts on “The Return To St Louis

  1. Hello Gareth and Rhys hope all goes well with the op. can’t believe how quick it has come round Cx lots of love from the Swaffs xx

  2. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes Gareth – hope to catch up with you all properly, maybe over half term?? Kisses to Rhys and extra special big ones from Joy xxxxxxxxx

  3. All the best. We will be thinking and praying all goes really really well. Rhys is awesome and there will be no stopping him after this op! Christine, Craig, Rebekah and Felicity

  4. We are all thinking of you, and kids asking lots about Rhys and once again enjoying the updates, which make us all feel like we are there with you. wishing Rhys a speedy recvoery and seeing you soon. The Walkers x

  5. Wishing Rhys all the best – although I am sure he will be fine!
    Wow, he has been through a lot in the past 7 months but continues to smile throughout – long may it continue!
    All the best and thanks for keeping us all updated – it’s great to see and read of Rhys’ progress.

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