In the downtown area of St Louis stands the Gateway Arch. You could see it from the hospital window so went to have a look at it over the weekend.

Up close it is pretty spectacular.

At the very top is a viewing deck which you travel up to in little pods. We had about 30 minutes to kill before our slot and in that time Owen was running around the waiting area.

He was doing that thing that toddlers have endless energy to do. That is, running, spinning, stopping, crouching, stamping, arms up, arms down etc etc. If he’s not annoying anyone else I find it amazing to watch. It’s as if his little brain is trying out all the possible things it can do with his body – trying all the combinations at different speeds until he falls over – and then doing it again.

Cerebral Palsy throws a bit of a spanner in the works of that. Instead of that learning process happening automatically the changes in body position and transitions need to be learned and coached in physio sessions. Where a fully able person might be coached to do a complex task (drive a car, swing a golf club) someone with CP can need to be coached in simpler tasks, to sit, stand, walk etc etc.

You can see in the way Rhys is moving at the moment that although his legs no longer feel stiff he is still walking in a similar pattern to the way he did pre op. I guess that’s partly habit and partly because his legs have spent so long in that position that it’ll take a bit of coaching to change – he is only 2 weeks post op after all.

So it feels like there’s a bit of puzzling to be done in the gym this week. That is, working out which combination of strapping, taping and exercising will work for Rhys to help him re adjust the way he moves.

And that’s not because I want him and his brother to be the same – they’re both different and they’re both ace.

5 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. You are doing really well Rhys and I love your Katy Perry dancing, especially the Sprinkler!!Francesca xx

  2. Well Done Rhys, you’re making AMAZING progress! I wish i got to go to the zoo with you and Mario! Keep up the fabby work! Hugs and kisses, alex xoxoxo

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