The Remarkable Becomes Routine

There’s a video up on youtube of the progress Rhys made from birth to just before his op. The odd thing is that it feels like the stages shown in the video have been crammed into the last 2 weeks.

It’s 14 days since his surgery now. Here’s his scar, neat isn’t it?

Him and his friend Mario were wandering about with their shirts off at the zoo showing off their matching scars. It looked like instead of naming our children we just use branding irons to identify them.

SDR is performed fairly frequently at the hospital here. The nurses casually say ‘he’s had a Rhizotomy’ in the same way you’d say ‘he’s had sausages for tea’. What can one day seem remarkable quite quickly becomes routine.

Same with Rhys therapy sessions. What seemed remarkable yesterday already feels routine. Today in his session he spent 10 minutes on the treadmill and walked up 4 floors on the fire escape stairs. And though it sounds unappreciative it almost doesn’t feel worth mentioning that he did that. Much the same as I was writing last week – you pocket the progress and move on.

You could though see that he was tired today. He’s put a lot of effort in this week and we’re very proud of him. Again, the weekend is coming round and I’ll probably skip posting on here for a day or so.

In the meantime, a competition. The guy in this clip is a volunteer who wanders round the hospital playing his violin to patients – any guesses as to what tune he’s playing? Answer on a postcard…

10 thoughts on “The Remarkable Becomes Routine

  1. I’ve got Alex and Francesca staying at the moment and each morning there is a rush to switch the computer on to read your latest blog. Tell Rhys both the girls send a big hug.

  2. Hey Gareth,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog- glad it’s going well out there for Rhys.

    Hopefully see you soon


  3. Lol – I believe Katy Perry ought to pay Rhys a visit!

    So glad his daily progress is improving – keep it up Rhys!

    Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend as it is no more than you deserve!


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