Step Step Stop

There’s loads of good things about the city zoo here. One is that it’s close to the hospital, the other is that it’s free to get in. That means that after a session in the gym you can go there quite easily for a couple of hours and as you inevitably don’t see much you can promise to go back.

We headed there today with Rhys’ new buddy Mario.

They’re more or less the same age and had similar ability pre op. The nice thing is that they had surgery a day apart and they are recovering at pretty much the same pace. In fact they’re egging each other on which is very handy. So when one of them wanted to stand to see the giraffes the other wasn’t far behind – which is exactly the reason for heading for the zoo.

Walking is one thing (this will make me sound ungrateful) but the control required to go with it is difficult to master. Pre op Rhys would rush everywhere a lot and grab something when he arrived to balance. As when you ride a bike the momentum from moving fast keeps you upright. It’s hard for kids with CP to have that extra control to stop and turn etc.

Here’s a quick clip of him trying to take 2 steps and stop.

You can see it’s hard work to co ordinate everything. However, his posture and gait is pretty good even though a wobble is never far away.

Aside from that Rhys is working on some new moves that you probably won’t find in physio manuals . Once we get them mastered I’ll post some clips. And in case you’re wondering if we’ve erased Owen, don’t worry, he’s never far behind.

8 thoughts on “Step Step Stop

  1. Hello all,

    Great hearing all the updates and so poetically done Gareth (even though sally might not tink so) I am looking forward to your first novel – or perhaps childrens book! It feels like we are all there with you and sharing with Rhys’ remarkable recovery, slow but steady progress!
    We miss you all lots and the kids are always asking about Rhys and Owen and looking forward to your return, keep up the good work, all of you!
    The Walkers x

  2. Gareth, amazing to see how hard he is working and how fast he’s recovering. Thanks for sharing all his progress, it is now part of our daily routine to see how Rhys (and the family) are doing.

  3. Rhys is doing soooooo well! He actually looks happier in himself too (which is good)!!

    Keep posting the updates Gareth, they’re great!!


  4. Hi

    It’s great to read all the updates, Rhys is doing really well !!!! Hibah sends her love to Rhys and says get better soon xxxx

  5. Hi guys, it’s great to see Rhys walking so well. I am definately sure he will gain the control soon. Best wishes to you all. Evi and Barbara

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