Katy TheraPerry

Having spent all of my 20’s collecting obscure techno records from Detroit with my mates it’s difficult to confess that Rhys is a Katy Perry fan.

When the hospital re opens tomorrow I’ll ask if it can be cured – until then I’m learning to live with it.

It does have it’s uses though. When trying to get Rhys to concentrate on doing the home physio programme in the apartment it went a lot better when we were watching her videos at the same time.

Over the years we’ve done loads of physio and speech therapy sessions and it doesn’t take much to make you think you could be winning the battle to make progress. The flipside is that it doesn’t take much too make you think you’re losing.

This morning before we started, Rhys threw up his pain medicine along with his breakfast. We were 1 – nil down already.

As today was a holiday here there were no formal physio sessions at the hospital. In the playroom though they were having a July 4th carnival with face painting, games and prizes.

One of the games was to follow some footsteps round in a circle to music – a bit like musical statues. Rhys had said he couldn’t do it as he knows he’s weak. A quick word with the lady running the game and the next piece of music was Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ – and we were off.

With me taking most of his weight he probably spent the next 10 minutes on his feet. With that a little bit of confidence is restored making it a 1 – 1 draw for the day.

So you know, Katy Perry, it’s not all bad.

*** Update ***

Just back from standing on the roof of the multi story car park watching the July 4th fire works with Rhys. When he was discharged the nurses had said he might able to sneak back onto the 12th floor to watch the display. But when we went back over the security guards weren’t having any of it. Even with a forlorn Rhys and a wobbly lip.

But on the way back we walked past the car park. Which I reckon means we’ve nicked a late winner in injury time.

8 thoughts on “Katy TheraPerry

  1. What a difference a day makes! Awesome Rhys, I can’t wait to see what changes the next few days bring. What did Dr Dobbs say about the lengthening??? Are you having the heal cords done? T xx

    • Seeing Dr Dobbs again today – Rhys was too sore when we saw him a few days ago for him to make a decision. I think hamstrings are a ‘no’ as Rhys’ are in reasonable shape. Heel are likely though I think we’ll return for that in a couple of months time. Basically our opinion is pretty much the same as Dr Dobbs – just the timing. We’re happy to wait a bit.

  2. Great walking Rhys – can’t beleive you are up and about already! You will playing footie with your cousins soon. See you all soon. Love, Anne and Portland Bill

  3. Well if Katy Perry floats Rhys’ boat, ensure you have truckloads at home to motivate him!
    So glad he is feeling a little better.

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