Hard Yards

For some people there isn’t much point in running unless you’re chasing a ball but for me it provides a bit of time to think, and today, to reflect.

Before Rhys could walk the marathon became a bit of a metaphor for Rhys’ therapy. That is that if you follow a programme, train regularly and persist, you can, with effort get there.

We knew that Rhys wouldn’t walk immediately, but felt that, if we persisted and applied what we’d learned then day by day we could get closer to our goal – and fortunately it paid off.

Today it feels like we’ve wound the clock back a few years. Rhys is still pretty sore. He was trying to clear his throat today and coughing was proving very uncomfortable – he couldn’t summon a big enough cough to clear his throat as it was too painful.

It’s also taking him a lot of effort in physio to achieve some simple tasks.

Have a look at this video clip to see how long it takes to roll over.

The team here think he should turn a corner in the next few days as this is within the ‘normal’ range for recovery. Though he went on to do better in todays session than before, it’s a reminder that there’s quite a few hard yards ahead for him.

The resident orthotist, Keith (you can always trust a Keith eh Dad) had appeared at 8am and started taking casts of Rhys’ ankles whilst he was still asleep. We chatted as he did it and he said his aim when making casts was to ensure that Rhys’ ankle joints are still in good shape when he’s 25, 35, 45, 55.

And that is a reminder about why we’re doing the hard yards now.

p.s. Rhys should be discharged at lunch time tomorrow (Tuesday)

12 thoughts on “Hard Yards

  1. The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone and check out Rhys’ blog.

    I am astounded at how well he is doing in such a short space of time.

    Keep up the good work at healing Rhys!!


  2. Having been exactly where you are only 4 months ago, i know how you are feeling all i can say is that from here on in every day will get better and better, stick with it can’t wait to see him running around when you get back!!

  3. We are the same as your last postee- first thing we do each morning is see how Rhys is doing! Highlight today??? His gorgeous smile when he rolled over and saw himself in the mirror! Keep going Rhys-you’re doing great !! xxx

  4. Hey Guys, Keep your peckers up! You have a few more long days ahead of you but in no time at all Rhys will be able to do all the things he could before and then you can hold your breath for the progress…… It doesn’t take long! Lots of love to all of you. Txx

  5. Oh bless him!
    Rhys is doing so well … and he will continue to make amazing progress (more so than he has already)!
    Loving the updates – Mia’s future in the present!

  6. Hey Gareth. I love reading your posts each day, they’re moving and heartwarming. Who knew you were a talented writer when you’re so very boring to talk to. Joke. It’s fantastic to hear about Rhys’s progress, and inspiring how brave and determined you are all being. Thinking of you, I wish you all the very best my friend. G

  7. Hey Gareth,

    It’s Frantz. I just saw your reply on my blog and saw that you set-up a blog for Rhys so I have now subscribed soI can follow along on your journey. I feel connected to Rhys because the SDR club is so small. I know things are rough now but I think he will start making some big strides (har har) soon. I am glad you have found my journal helpful and I hope it continues to be informative! How long are you all in the states for? I love the blog so far and your comment about everything being bigger in America is true. I love to travel to London and every time I go I find that the only things that come in larger sizes than here are drinks – that, I will not complain about.

    • Ha! Always good to connect to someone else. It’s been interesting to read an adults view on SDR. Kids can’t articulate what they feel post SDR as well so your blog was useful for us when making a decision.

      As you’ve often said it’s the little things that count. Reading that you have more confidence in a crowd is something I would never have considered an upside to the surgery – but I can instantly see how that would make you feel more independent.

      Keep it coming Frantz,


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