It’s a bit of a cliche for Brits to come to America and comment that things are bigger than at home. Like a lot of cliches though there’s a bit of truth in it.

However, I’m fairly certain that in ‘Snow White’ Doc and Sleepy weren’t this big.

I’m also pretty sure that there was only one Snow White as well.

Either way Rhys was very pleased to see these guys this morning and they made a big fuss over him. In fact fancy dress or not everyone in his hospital is great – loads of the nurses have ended up in our Skype calls to family at home.

Rhys has done a lot of chatting to his cousins online and in those conversations you can see him getting a bit closer to normal.

Previously when Rhys has had surgery he’s been up and about within a couple of hours of waking and I thought keeping him still for 2 days of bed rest would be very tricky. He’s not really wanted to move too much though which suggests that even with the painkillers he’s pretty sore.

It’s gone 10pm now which means the bed rest is 3/4 done – tomorrow morning we get him out of bed.

*** Update ***

Woooah. Rhys has just had the first of the spasms we’d been told to expect. They’re not much fun at all. He’s been crying inconsolably for the last hour til the muscle relaxants kicked in. He’s asleep now but that hurt. If you could take the pain for him you’d take it ten fold but you can’t.

Dr’s round at 7am to take the epidural and catheter out. At 9am we get him out of bed for the first time.

6 thoughts on “Bigger

  1. If you thought that was fun, you’ll love July 4th!! Get out the red, white and blue. Lots of love from Halesowen. x

  2. Lovely to see the pics of Snow White and the dwarves – personally, I would have been petrified as they are huge! lol
    Sorry to read about the spasms – they will pass though (so I have read!), so let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later and Rhys feels more like himself (bless him)!
    Good luck with the removal of the epidural and cathetar AND him Rhys getting out of bed for the first time – thinking of you all.

  3. We all hope that the wonderful nurses and doctors make this as pain free as they possibly can. You are all so brave. All of us send our very best wishes for the speediest recovery possible. Nic, Deb, Jack, Finn, Kate and Sophie.XOX

  4. Tell Rhys we have been looking at his pictures and ted and Harry were very impressed with the snow white people! Jess xxx

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